A their disease were included in this study.

A total of 21 patients clinically diagnosed with TAO in
2009 and 2010 were selected for this study at the refer-
ral vascular and endovascular department of Emam
Reza Hospital in the north-east of Iran. For each subject
10 mL of blood samples were taken after obtaining
informed consent. The study protocol was approved by
the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research of the Mash-
had University of Medical Sciences (No: 900133).

The clinical diagnostic criteria for inclusion were
Shionoya’s criteria: age of disease onset before 50 years,
history of cigarette smoking, upper-limb involvement
or thrombophlebitis migrans, infrapopliteal arterial
occlusion and absence of other atherosclerotic risk fac-
tors other than smoking.8 We assessed traditional ath-
erosclerosis risk factors9 including blood pressure,
fasting blood sugar and total cholesterol in this study.
Systolic blood pressure below 12 mmHg, diastolic
blood pressure below 8 mmHg, fasting blood sugar

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