In will set up 2400MW atomic power plant

Bangladesh, just 59.60% of the populace approaches power with a for every
capita accessibility of 279 KW-hrper annum 7, 8. There are more than 87,319
towns in Bangladesh, and a large portion of them are not associated with the
national matrix 9. Power age in Bangladesh faces a few issues, for example,
deficiency of gaseous petrol, questionable old power plants, expanding number
of populace, and so forth. It to a great extent relies upon gaseous petrol, very
nearly 63% 10.This unnecessary reliance causes a few issues. Because of fall
of gaseous petrol age or lack of petroleum gas supply, power generation will be
hampered. 23% of energy is created from over 20 years of age control plants
11. Figure 1 demonstrates the Installed Capacity of BPDB Power Plants as on
February 2016. Add up to Installed Capacity of BPDB Power Plants as on April
2016 is 12229 MW.


is a little limit of hydro-electric power source in Kaptai, Chittagong.
Bangladesh will set up 2400MW atomic power plant at Ruppur with two reactors,
each of which will produce 1,200 MW of energy . Bangladesh is experiencing
troubles in providing vitality to keep up its monetary development. The
electrical load top request of Bangladesh in 2016 is about 11,405 MW. Greatest
age in 2016 is 8088 MW leaving a lack of 3317 MW. Government has wanted to
create 19000 MW inside 2021. To get together the objective, Bangladesh should
concentrate on the significant measure of sustainable power source assets. Bangladesh
has 15 MW sun based vitality limits through rustic families and 1.9 MW twist
control in Kutubdia and Feni. Bangladesh has intended to deliver 5% of
aggregate power age by 2015 and 10% by 2020 from sustainable power sources like
air, squander and sunlight based vitality.

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Wind Energy Scenario In


Initially, references
demonstrate that with a populace of 146.2 million zap rate is 59.60%.Total
electrical vitality introduced limit is 12229MW (2016) 10 and add up to
introduced wind vitality is1.9 MW. Wind vitality potential in Bangladesh isover
20,000 MW 39, the breeze speed being


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