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Mani Meenaja Baragada                                                 [email protected] Institute of Technology, TiruchirappalliStatement of PurposeData has no overload. It is never a production issue, the problem has always been with the consumption. There is a great interlude between data and information. Accompanying my dad to his book company for 15 years now, I have noticed how the unavailability of tools to efficiently use the available data like clientele, transaction, and machine data available is a barrier in pursuit of excellence. Although with the help of technological innovations, many tedious tasks like database maintenance and accounting have become simpler and efficient, there is still a constant need to convert data to information. This motivated me to work in the field of information. I have realized that only with the amalgam of information management and technology, it has been possible to arrive at better planning and strategies in a business. Hence, I am aiming to pursue Master’s in Management Information Systems.Since childhood, I have had a penchant for logically oriented subjects. In my ninth grade, I built a remote control robot and displayed it in a Science Fair. This amazement led me to opt Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as my major subjects in Junior College. Throughout schooling, my inclination towards academics led me to achieve 96.2% in my twelfth-grade public examinations with 100% score in mathematics. Driven by the strong inclination towards Maths and Physics, I secured an admission for my undergraduate into one of the renowned engineering colleges of India, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli with Electrical and Electronics Engineering as major. My curriculum included courses on Basics of Programming in C and C++ helping me to develop the ability to write programs to solve practical computational problems. Also, Courses on Operating systems, Data structures, and computer architecture helped to understand the hardware and software modules in a system.Though my undergraduate curriculum devoted most of my credit hours in core subjects, I spent a fair amount of time in programming related projects. In my junior year, I worked on a project aimed at developing an Android application to enable motor control using the mobile phone. In collaboration with one of my peers, I have worked on a project, Automatic Motor Control using GSM. My contribution to the project is designing and developing an Android application to communicate with the GSM module to send the signal. This being my first project in programming, I faced numerous difficulties which helped me improve my problem solving and debugging skills. After weeks of hard work, I successfully completed the project and thereafter decided to pursue a career in technology. I believe Balance is the key, hence  I always strived to maintain a balance between studies, work, and life and dedicate time to pursue my interests. While I was the head of Currents Public relations team in college, I got an opportunity to lead the team of fifty to organize the symposium which witnessed a record participation of 1500 students from all over the country. I also served as the head of Informals team, a group of twenty responsible for organizing Festember, an annual cultural festival held at NIT Trichy. I lead the team of 18 through various discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions. These experiences assimilated in me the qualities of a team player and a leader. During my second year of engineering, I joined ‘Apeksha’, a Social Service club, where I taught Mathematics, Science, and English to twenty of sixth-grade students. Every student I taught secured good grades that year. This was one of the proudest moments in my life and motivated me to continue tutoring children.When I was in College, My dad went back to school to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer. Not only did he finish law school but also passed All India Bar Council Examination as a 52-year-old, teaching me that it is never too late to take a leap towards your goal. To help him in paying our college loans, I decided to take up a job.Going forward in my final year, when Citi opened for campus placements, I was among the 45 selected from across the nation to be a part of their global Campus Analyst Program. Post completion of my undergraduate course, I joined Citi as a Tech Program Analyst with Citi. In the first two months, I have attended training on Capital Markets, Java, SQL, Struts, etc. Currently, my role includes working with e-trading application responsible for the pricing, dealing and risk management, in Foreign Exchange and Local Markets(FXLM) unit of Citigroup. My work has provided me exposure to apply Object-oriented programming, Database Management System, Software engineering and Project management.Within 6 months of joining the company, I was able to identify an opportunity for improvement in the risk monitoring tools used on the Floor. As a result, I proposed and implemented a streaming-processing system using Kafka-Storm Integration which helped reduce the startup time and latency by tenfold. It was well received by the senior management and introduced me to the corporate framework giving me an opportunity to network. Seeing my contribution early on in my career, my manager recommended me for Prometheus – leadership development program for women. I was one among the fourteen to get selected for the program in 2017. Through this program, I learned the importance of managerial skills for Women in the STEM. While I was working on the risk tool, I had the liberty to select the technologies but the analysis and interpretation of the trade data and flow is a Trader’s decision. So, I aim to work in critical decision-making at the information end of the business and contribute directly to the Business growth.The Management Information Systems program at Texas A&M College Station with courses like Corporate Information Planning and Database Management included in the curriculum perfectly aligns with my interests. Also, the student organizations Women in Information Technology and Business Information Technology Students (BITS) providing opportunities to network with peers and industry Representatives are commendable. Equipped with technical guidance and analytical skills, I aspire to build a career as a Technical Expert in areas of Information Technology and Data analytics by working in financial service companies like Citi, JPMorgan Chase & Co. etc. Eventually, I plan to return to India, as a developing country which requires experienced Professionals. I am sure that a Master’s program in MIS will help me achieve my career goals.  I am confident that with hard work, perseverance, and determination, I would succeed in my chosen field. I would like to thank the committee for considering my application. I look forward to joining your university.


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