Plan research topic along with some background literature.

                                                                                Plan of Research


Definition: A formal
document comprises of several items or areas together reflects the research
goals or objectives deduced from a identified research problem along with
methodology for that problem  and Gantt
chart of the plan of research work.

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A plan of research is the road
map of the PHD research work that should covered the following areas or

Title and Abstract: is the very first and essential item of a POR that
should capture the essential of the research in just a few words.  The title may be modified in later version of
the carried out research work. Abstract should expose what are going to cover
in the  research proposal.

Introduction to the research
topic:  It gives the proper conceptual study of the research topic along with
some background literature.  This field
should be provide a clear picture about the research topic that the one can

Literature review: It
reflects the author’s knowledge of the main research achievements in the area
of study. This process should give a clear understanding of the existing work
relevant to the research topic .It should also describe the  theoretical background or at least the main
perspective to the research question.

Research problem, aim and objectives: This
area is the outcome of the literature review that should identify the main gap
in the current research area on which the researcher are going to focus in the
PhD research work. Once the research problem is identified, the researcher will
be able to pose the main aim and objectives of his/her research work.
Typically, the objectives decompose the research question into subtasks.

Research methodology: This fields generally gives clear picture about how to process a
technique to find a solution to a research problem. It should describe process
of data collection, way to analyze data, device a technique validity and
reliability providing mitigation of ethical problems.

Schedule: This fields
gives the basic plan of execution of the research work in terms of timely

Bibliography: It gives a series of information that
includes author name, title, type of paper, publication year, volume no etc.


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