Solid-state get wiped or altered by magnetic fields

Solid-state    • Advantages: shock resistant/robust/no moving parts to break, easily portable, fast read/write times, easily updated, produce less heat so good for laptops which can overheat, consume less power than mechanical storage devices.    • Disadvantages: more expensive the higher capacity of storage needed,
Magnetic    • Advantages: high capacity, relatively inexpensive for amount of space, data can be read from anywhere on hard disk directly.    • Disadvantages: slow write speed, could easily get wiped or altered by magnetic fields etc., not easily portable if fixed inside the computer.

Optical    • Advantages: portable, Blu-ray discs can hold a lot of data, there is usually an optical drive available with a PC, DVDs can hold very large files.    • Disadvantages: can get scratched/damaged easily, slower to access than a hard disk.

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